placement opportunities
  • The degrees offered by the medical schools in Philippines are recognised by international bodies such as the WHO, ECFMG, USA and IMED, making it a profitable and worthwhile venture for students.
  • The medical institutions of the country are among the top 200 institutes of the whole of Asia and have

    the friendliest and helpful staff and the latest technology required in teaching medicine.

  • The system and pattern of education followed in these universities is based on the U.S. model of

    teaching thus ensuring an advanced and scientific way too.

  • Those interested in pursuing higher education in the medical sciences can also get easy opportunities to

    study elsewhere such as in the U.K., Canada, U.S.A. and others once they complete their education in the Philippines.

  • On completing their MD course here, students can also apply for doctors’ licensure exams, work as

    interns or start practising in the country itself.

  • They can also return to their own countries and start practising as MBBS graduates or pursue higher


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