Why Philippines?

  • Third largest English speaking country in the world after the USA and UK.
  • Education system similar to that USA, as a result of a longer relation with USA.
  • Medical education geared towards Employment in USA/UK and easy to pass


  • Since English is the language of communication and language of instruction in universities,

    its very easy to communicate to patients.

  • Since the assessments are rigorous easy to pass local licensing exam like


  • The Philippines has the highest English literacy rate in Asia – 93.8%.
  • The Philippines attract students from more than 65 countries ,students from the United

    States and Europe, Singapore , Malaysia ,Taiwan, Thailand, are also studying in the Philippines.


  • An archipelago nation in the south eastern asia between the Philippines sea

    and the South china sea, east of Vietnam.

  • Philippines archipelago is made up of 7,107 lovely islands covering a total

    area of 300,000 sq km including the land area 299,764 sq km.

  • The rich and unique history of Philippines mainly shows the Asian,

    European and American influences.

  • Under rule of USA from 1898 to 1946.
  • Has a tropical marine climate with three distinct seasons. These include wet

    and rainy season (June to October), the cool and dry season(November to February)and the hot and dry season (March to May).

  • After hundreds of years of foreign occupation, Philippines now represent a

    mixed culture which is fascinating blend of traditions and modernity.

  • Filipinos are fun loving and vibrant people who love to celebrate a number

    of colorful festivals almost all round the year.


Philippines image
  • Philippines replicate the Education system of U.S AMERICA.
  • This MD Degree awarded in Lyceum Northwestern University Philippines is

    similar to that of USA & Europe , But its Equivalent to MBBS OF Countries like UK & Other commonwealth countries like India, Singapore, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri lanka etc..

  • All our programs are recognized by CHED{Education Regulatory Body of

    Philippines }World Health Organization , By IMED of USA {Eligible for USMLE} and limited registration like PLABUK,AMC-AUSTRALIA.

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